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Started in 1999 by individual investor R. H. (Harvey) Covert to find stocks with exceptional earnings and sales growth. The site currently monitors around 2500 stocks on the NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX exchanges. E-S-I data provides investors with the means to easily find stocks of fast growing companies which additionally, may be mispriced as well.

To keep the earnings database current, stock splits are also tracked. Stock splits are also important indicators of how well a stock will perform in the future. And, to keep the hot new stocks always flowing into the earnings database, IPO's are also tracked.

- Harvey

PS: Hope you like the new look! We will be updating all pages over the next month or so.

Stock Picks

Currently e-s-i has eight stock pick lists which include UltraValue, XtraValue, room2run, iSpeculate, UltimateLeaders, UpperCrust, GETshort and Best of the Best. All stock picks are accessible on the site with the exception of our premium stock picks list, Best of the Best, which is available only through our FREE email subscription newsletter. Also our email subscribers receive the Almost Best of the Best stock picks list which feature a lot of great stocks that just missed being included on the main list because they fell short in one area or another but still put forth some really good numbers. All stock pick lists, with the exception of Best of the Best and Almost Best of the Best are selcted from our main watch list. For a stock to make it into our watch list and stock pick lists it had to deliver some very interesting looking earnings and sales numbers. Now, please read our disclaimer notice and visit these links for more Stock Picks List Info or search the Stock Picks Archives.

Earnings Reports

Every market day we gather earnings releases and deposit them into our database along wth some important statistics and the stocks closing price. The earnings data by itself is interesting, but when you are able to look at the running data you get to know the company better. Our data includes industry group, earnings per share (eps), share price, earnings rank, strength rank, period average daily volume, price-earnings-screen (pes, a proprietary indicator), earnings percent change, sales percent change, quarterly sales, stock split history, current stock quote and current stock chart. Armed with that data you get an easy to interpret look into how good a stock is. Our data starts back in 1999! So, check out the Latest Earnings Reports or search the Earnings Reports Archive.

Stock Splits

Stock splits for all listed stocks are entered into our database and noted intraday on our blog, Investing with Harvey. Find the best stock splits to purchase by looking at the companys fundamentals. Do it right with our data. Check its chart and remember to "Trade the Trend". Hey, all the great stocks have split many, many times. It is an indicator of a great company with growth. Here is our Stock Split Calendar or check out the Stock Splits Archive.


All the major IPO's are entered into our database. We then start covering their earnings reports and any stock splits that may occur. IPO's are the life blood of the markets. These are the new companys with new and exciting products and services. The companys that will be delivering the next disrupting technology. The upcoming big winners for your portfolio! See the Latest IPO's or search the IPO Archive. We also blog about upcoming IPO's and report as they start trading.

A few Earnings Reports, Stocks Splits and IPO's to Get You Going

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